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    All-New, Child and Lost or Stolen U.S. passport applicants will need to get there identity verified at a local passport acceptance agent to maintain security. We can find your local passport acceptance agent by your zip code.

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  • Applying For Expedited Passport

    Emergency Passport Help

    You might not have realized it but time can come when you need your Passport within no time. It can be an urgent business meeting you need to go abroad to attend or once in a lifetime trip opportunity of an exotic vacation while your passport has just expired or you have not made one in the first place. A number of scenarios can be the cause of needing to get a passport on urgent basis. Through the normal processing channel, the one usually followed to get a passport, you can get your passport made in no less than 6-8 weeks but these circumstances don’t allow such a long waiting time.

    Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting an expedited US password when you need it fast.

    1. Determine how urgent you need the passport

    If you need to go out of America, within two months, you cannot rely on the normal procedure to get a passport and will have to opt for one of the many expedited passport application processes. There are three of them and depending on how fast you want the passport, you can select one of the methods.

    • Expedited Passport Service at the Post Office

    This type of passport can be applied at any Post Office or other passport acceptance office but it is not guaranteed to get your passport in time and any error in the documents can cause a delay in your passport’s delivery. The fee you’ll have to pay here is the normal passport fee and an additional $60 expediting charges.

    • Expedited Service at a Passport Agency

    If you need your passport to be in your hands in lesser than a fortnight, you can go to a passport agency near you. These bodies are established and run under the administration of the state department and offer swift passport services. The charges of getting an expedited passport from this channel are the same normal passport fee and an additional $60 for the hurry.

    • Using a Passport Expediting Company

    If you want to get your passport in less than eight days or overnight that can be made possible with passport expediting companies. These companies charge their own fee other than the passport fee and $60 expediting fee but can even get your work done in a day. You can even use a registered courier to get a passport in as little as 24hrs.

    1. Gather the documents

    Once you have decided how fast you need to get your passport, the next step is to collect the needed documents and assemble them for submitting the passport application. It is important to note that if there is an error in your documents, that can lead to delay your passport being released. Moreover, the documents are in different cases. Here is the list of documents you need to apply for a passport according to the type of passport you are applying for:

    • New Passport

    If you're going to get your passport for the first time, here is the list of documents you need

      • Proof of identity

      • Proof of citizenship

      • One Passport size photo

    The fee needed for applying for this passport will be $110 for the passport, $30 for the passport card, $35 as an execution fee and a $60 expediting fee. You’ll have to fill Passport form DS-11 for this.

    • Expired Passport
      If you want to renew an expired passport, you don’t need to present any documents or even to come to the office. All you need is to submit the form DS-82 through mail or in person at a passport office.

    • Lost Passport

    You’ll need to present all the documents needed for a new passport and the form DS-64 which is an undertaking for lost/stolen passport.

    • Children’s passport

    The first requirement is to bring the children to the passport office. For children under 16, both of the parents must come with the child to the passport office and bring the following documents

      • Parent’s proof of identity

      • Proof of the citizenship of the child

      • Evidence of the relationship with the child

      • One passport size photo

      • Passport Application form DS-11

    You’ll have to pay $95 for the passport and passport card, $35 as execution fee and the same $60 expediting fee.

    1. Fill the application form

    The next step after arranging all the needed documents is to fill up the relevant passport application form. If possible, fill the form online and get a print of that in that way it will be easily readable by the passport office.

    If you don’t have a printer at home, you can get the form at the passport offices and post offices. Be sure to fill the form in with black ink and write neatly.

    If the DS-11 form is included in your application, be sure to only sign it in front of the agent in the post office or passport office.

    1. Go to the passport office (this is subject to the need)

    Other than passport renewal over mail, all types of passport applications need you to appear in a passport office or a post office even if you have hired the services of a passport expediting company to help you.

    1. Wait for your passport to arrive

    Once all the steps for getting an expedited US passport are done the last thing to do is to sit back and wait for your passport to be delivered to you.

    Use a Registered Courier And Get A Passport in As Little As 24 Hours:

    As we’ve already discussed that considering a registered courier can be the best decision for your particular needs and circumstances. These registered couriers or passport expeditors aren’t employees of the United State government but they have made their reputation on trustworthy and quick services. Some of the advantages of using a registered courier to get a passport are the following:

    Benefits of Using a Registered Courier:

    • Passport documentation is very detailed and requires proper expertise. A small mistake or negligence can result in lengthy processing delays and even completely denials. Registered couriers providing expedited passport service are experienced enough in all aspects of the passport application process. It will enable you to avoid the mistakes and errors that ultimately help to get a passport as quickly as you need.

    • You may need to wait for hours in long lines while visiting a regional agency, and it can be time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, authorizing an expeditor or a registered courier will take care of all the processes and frees you up to spend your time in more important matters.

    • They always provide you personalized service by making sure you will receive quality service within your time constraints.

    • By using a registered courier service, you’ll not need to wait for weeks to get routine service. You can get a passport in as little as 24 hours depending upon your circumstances.

    The cost of hiring a passport expediting company can vary widely and go up to several hundred dollars in case of same-day processing, but it can provide great convenience and save you a lot of time.

    The Bottom Line:

    That is the procedure for getting an expedited US passport. You can follow it and get your passport in the event of an emergency need. Approaching a registered courier is probably the best option if you want to get a passport in a quick time.

  • US Passport


    How long does it take to get a U.S. passport?

    6 to 8 weeks

    Passport processing takes between 6 to 8 weeks, however, if you choose an expedited service*, you can receive a faster processing time. There is a $60 fee for expedited requests

    Border Crossing Document Requirements

    Western Hemisphere Travel

    If you are planning travel in the Western Hemisphere you should know there are six types of acceptable documents for crossing US borders. The types of identification required for travel in the Western Hemisphere -- Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central, and South America – is described by the Western Hemispheric Travel Initiative.

    How many years is a passport good for?

    10 years

    If you were age 16 or older when your passport was issued, your passport is valid for 10 years. If you were under 16 when your passport was issued, your passport is valid for 5 years. The Issue Date of your passport can be found on the data page of your passport book or on the front of your passport card.

    How do I get a passport fast for international travel?

    Apply at Regional Office

    To be eligible, you must make an appointment at a passport agency or center and provide proof of international travel within 2 weeks, or 4 weeks if you also need to apply for a visa.

    Why would you need both a passport book and a passport card?


    A passport book and a passport card serve the same purpose of attesting to your U.S. citizenship and identity. ... A passport book is valid for all types of travel (land, sea or air) to any destination. You can apply for both the book and card with the same application but it is not required that you obtain both.

    Where do I go to apply for a passport?

    Inside the United States​

    You must submit your completed application, including citizenship evidence, photocopy of ID, photo, and fees, in person at a passport acceptance facility. You may be eligible to apply in person at a passport agency if you are traveling soon

    What post office can I get a passport at?

    Designated Post Offices

    Post Offices that accept passport applications offer products and services for both first-time and renewal passport applications. Some locations can take your passport photo. Use Find USPS Locations to visit a Post Office with passport acceptance services.

    Is it worth getting a U.S. passport card?


    Passport cards are wallet-sized while the passport book is larger and thicker. If you're thinking of going on a cruise, the passport card might be nice when you need a form of identification to get on and off the ship. But, the passport card can only be used for international travel by land and sea.

    Do you need an appointment to get a passport?


    To get a passport faster, you will have to submit your passport application at a regional passport agency or center. While regional passport agencies and centers require an appointment, they usually accept walk-ins, if they can. Therefore, you should first attempt to schedule an appointment.

    Can I renew my passport online?


    While it is not possible to renew a passport online, you can complete the renewal application form online and print it for mailing or submitting at a processing center

    Can I go to Canada or Mexico with just a passport card?

    U.S. Passport Card Use

    For travel by land or sea into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, the U.S. passport card is an acceptable form of identification to present at the border. It is also valid for returning to the U.S. from those countries.

    Can I go on a cruise with a passport card?


    The passport card will facilitate entry and expedite document processing at U.S. land and sea ports-of-entry when arriving from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. The card may not be used to travel by air outside the United States.

    How many days is a rush passport?


    Processing Time: 1 to 8 business days, but the exact turnaround time will depend upon which Regional Passport Agency you go to. In order to get your passport expedited at a Regional Passport Agency, you may also need to make an appointment and/or show that you are traveling out of the country in two weeks or less.

    How long does it take to replace a passport?


    It takes an average of three weeks to get your passport using this standard service, but it can take six weeks or longer during the peak summer months, so give yourself plenty of time before you plan to travel.

    Can babies travel without a passport?

    Passport Requirements for Babies

    It is important to know that babies, just like children and adults, are required to have a valid passport and the requisite visas when traveling internationally. No person, regardless of age, will be allowed onboard an international flight without a passport

    How long does a child passport last?

    5 Years

    No matter what the age of your baby, their passport will be valid for five years from the date issued. All passports that are issued to a child 15 and under are valid for 5 years. After this time you will need to renew the passport and an up to date photo will be required.

    How do I get a passport for a child if one parent is absent?


    If the father's name is on the birth certificate and you do not have sole legal custody of your son, then you cannot apply for a passport for him without the notarized consent of the father. If the father cannot be located, you can submit Form DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances.

    At what age are passports good for 10 years?

    16 -17 Years old

    Most applicants age 16-17 must apply in person using Form DS-11. If you are eligible to Renew a Passport by Mail, you can use Form DS-82. Passports for applicants 16 and older are valid for 10 years

    How do I renew my 15 year old passport?


    If your passport has been damaged, lost or stolen, or if it's more than 15 years old, you'll have to renew in person. You'll need to fill out Form DS-11 and provide proof of U.S. citizenship along with a photo ID.

    How much does it cost to change the name on my passport?


    Fees for a passport name change – If your passport was issued more than one year ago, you must pay the same fees as for passport renewal. Make your check for $110 ($170 if you need expedited passport service for your name change) payable to “US Department of State.”

    Do I need to change my passport if I change my name?


    U.S. citizens who change their names may travel using a U.S. passport that was issued in their prior name but needs proof of the name progression, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Those documents could include a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court documents showing the legal name change

    Is a damaged passport still valid?


    A severely damaged passport is no longer valid. It can't be used for travel, and it can't even be used to prove your identity and US citizenship. Passports that are badly damaged enough to be considered the mutilated need to be replaced via the Mutilated Passport procedure

    Does travel insurance cover a lost passport?


    Some travel insurance policies will not cover the cost of replacing a passport that has been lost or stolen if you do not obtain a police report

    How do I correct my passport information?


    To correct a data or printing error: Complete Form DS-5504. Submit the form by mail with your passport, one color photo, and evidence of the error (e.g. your U.S. birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your last name).

    Can you wear lipstick in your passport photo?


    Can you wear makeup in a passport photo? Simply put, yes you can. But don't go over the top. The photo must be a true image of yourself, so if you normally wear makeup then go ahead and wear the same amount as you would on a typical day

    Can I use passport with maiden name?


    Ideally, your passport would have your current, legal name in it. However, you should not have any problem using a passport with your maiden name and your marriage certificate if you travel by land or sea. ... TSA's Secure Flight Program requires the name on your ticket to match the name in your passport.

    Can I travel with 2 passports?


    Yes, you are allowed to carry both passports when you travel. If you are returning to the US, you will definitely need to carry your US passport, whether or not you are also bringing your non-US passport.

    When can I renew a passport?


    US passports are valid for ten years from the date they are issued. It seems logical to assume that you should renew your passport for two or three months before it expires. In fact, you may need to start the renewal process as early as eight months before your passport's expiration date, depending on your destination.

    How long does it take to renew your passport by mail?

    4 to 8 weeks

    Applying for a passport renewal by mail will take up to 8 weeks. Expedited passport renewals by mail cost an additional $60 in government fees and take 2-3 weeks to process. To renew your passport fast, you can either go to a Passport Agency in person or use the services of a passport expediting company.

    Do you get your old passport back?


    Yes, in most cases, we will return the old, canceled passport to you. The old passport may be sent separately from your new passport. We recommend keeping your old passport in a safe place as it is considered proof of your U.S. citizenship. ... You must travel with both your new and old passport in this case.

    Safe Guard Your Passport

    Entering the U.S.

    You must present your passport to the Customs and Border Protection officer upon arrival in the United States. Carry your passport—do not pack it in your checked luggage. We recommend you make a copy of your passport and put it in a separate place as a safeguard in case it is lost or stolen.

    When Traveling with children

    Entering the U.S.

    All children, including infants, must have their own passport or Trusted Traveler Program for U.S. entry. Carry documents for traveling with minor children.

    How do I get a passport on a hurry?

    Expedite at a Passport Agency or Center

    Fill out your form and collect your documents, including proof of international travel. You can submit all forms at an agency or center including Form DS-11 and Form DS-82. Be sure to include the $60 expedite fee in addition to the normal application fee.

    Why does it take so long to get a passport?

    More people are applying for passports all the time.

    The other main reason it takes so long to receive a passport is that so many people are applying for them. Way back in 1980, 3.2 million passports were issued. ... Americans are becoming more interested in international travel and the freedom offered by a US passport.

    Where do you get your passport?


    To get a new passport, you must go to a local passport acceptance facility. Some passport acceptance facilities require appointments. Many provide passport photos for a fee. Passport acceptance facilities can be post offices, libraries, or county courts.

    Do expedited passports come on time?


    For routine passport services, you can expect to wait between four to six weeks, around three weeks for expedited passport services, and eight business days for passports expedited at an agency.

    Is a Social Security card a proof of citizenship?


    If it is not possible to provide the required birth certificate, then an applicant must submit several forms of secondary evidence. A social security card is not considered adequate proof of citizenship.

    What if I haven't received my passport?


    If you haven't received your passport and are traveling within the next 7days, please call or email the National Passport Information Center. Include your departure date on your application. After you apply - You will receive your passport: Normally passports are received within 6 weeks.

    Does AAA do passport renewals?


    AAA Plus Members receive two free sets of passport photos per year, and AAA Premier Members can receive unlimited sets per year. Now it's time to send off your application, which you can only do by mail to renew your passport

    What does passport locator number mean?


    Your passport application locator number is. When you applied, you requested Expedite Service and Routine Delivery of your passport. Passport Agencies use Priority Mail.

    Can an embassy hold your passport?


    No, they "can't" hold your documents indefinitely. If the delay is protracted, the Embassy's Counselor for Consular Affairs (or even the Deputy Chief of Mission) might want to know that the Consulate needs to smooth out its operations.

    Can I go on honeymoon with passport in maiden name?


    If you filed for a new passport in your maiden name to travel for your honeymoon, you have 12 months from your wedding date to file for a free passport in your new name! Think of it as a wedding gift from the State Department

    Can an embassy hold your passport?


    If you filed for a new passport in your maiden name to travel for your honeymoon, you have 12 months from your wedding date to file for a free passport in your new name! Think of it as a wedding gift from the State Department

    Is there a time frame to change name after marriage?


    There is no time limit on changing your name. Many states would like you to inform them of your name change within 30 days of your marriage but will allow you to change your name after that

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